Development Kits#

All the cameras and development kits supported by Samna can be opened via the device controller. The device controller provides the get_unopened_devices() function which will return a list of DeviceInfo objects that specify every supported device currently available to the system.

The dev kit objects contain methods that let you access the device models of the SynSense devices present on the dev kit. The device models give you a way to interact with the chip and hook into the filter graph system. If you only want to work with models on the chip, you only need to interact with the device model.

The dev kit object also includes methods to work with lower level firmware settings that may be tuned for performance reasons and any other peripherals present on the dev kit, such as power measurement. Not all development kits will have the same set of peripherals.

Connecting to a device#

Devices can be opened via the device controller as follows.

# Using the device controller we can retrieve a list of the supported devices
# currently connected to the system
devices = samna.device.get_unopened_devices()

# We can select a device based on the type of device, or serial number
# If we only have 1 device connected we can simply choose that one
if len(devices) == 0:
    raise Exception("No devices found")

chosen_board = devices[0]

# open the board and give it the name "my_board"
my_board = samna.device.open_device(chosen_board)

Supported Development kits#