The Samna visualizer can be started in a process separately from the Python process where you import Samna(Note: before import samnagui, we should import samna first). This can be done either via the provided samnagui script by executing

$ samnagui

From a terminal. Or by calling samna.run_visualizer from Python.

samna.run_visualizer(receiver_endpoint, width_proportion, height_proportion)#

Opens the visualizer window, set the window size relative to main monitor size, configures its receiving endpoint.


receiver_endpoint : the visualiser’s endpoint for receiving events (e.g. “tcp://”).

width_proportion : the rate between window width and workarea width of main monitor, default 0.75 which means this window has a width which equals to 3/4 width of main monitor’s workarea.

height_proportion : the rate between window height and workarea height of main monitor, default 0.75 which means this window has a height which equals to 3/4 height of main monitor’s workarea.

Once opened, you may connect to the visualizer using the node system which provides remote control of the UI elements from Python.

Api reference:

  • visualizer window: Visualizer

  • visualizer ui configuration events samna.ui

  • activity plot, image plot, line plot: samna.viz.imgui

  • related filters (SpikeCollectionNode, SpikeCountNode, CustomFilterNode, MeasurementToVizConverter): Filters

  • power monitor: samna.unifirm