Module content#

class samna.afe2.AfeModel#

Bases: pybind11_object

This is the afe part of xyloa v2. XYLO is a programmable, ultra-low power neuromorphic chip for low-dimensional signal processing. XYLO combines the analog front end(AFE) that can efficiently provide pre-processing functionality to input analog signals. XYLO has is highly re-configurable and scalable, which supports feed-forward, recurrent and reservoir and other complex neural network structure. XYLO can be easily combined with various common sensors such as: MEMS microphone , thermal sensor, pressure sensor, vibration sensor, IMU, Gyro, PPG sensor etc.

apply_configuration(self: samna.afe2.AfeModel, arg0: samna.afe2.configuration.AfeConfiguration) None#

Apply a specific samna.afe2.configuration.AfeConfiguration to afe part of xylo.

get_configuration(self: samna.afe2.AfeModel) samna.afe2.configuration.AfeConfiguration#

Get the cached configuration applied last.

get_sink_node(self: samna.afe2.AfeModel) samna.DeviceSinkNode_afe2_event_input_event#

Get the very sink node of afe input events.

get_source_node(self: samna.afe2.AfeModel) samna.DeviceSourceNode_afe2_event_output_event#

Get the very source node of afe output events.

set_saer_interface_enable(self: samna.afe2.AfeModel, arg0: bool) None#

Enable afe part of xylo by writing the debug control register of afe.

write(self: samna.afe2.AfeModel, arg0: List[samna.afe2.event.WriteRegisterValue | samna.afe2.event.ReadRegisterValue | samna.afe2.event.ReadVersion]) None#
samna.afe2.validate_configuration(arg0: samna.afe2.configuration.AfeConfiguration) Tuple[bool, str]#

Validate the given configuration.


config (afe.configuration.AfeConfiguration) – The configuration to validate.


A pair of the validation result and the analysis string.