Module content#

class samna.boards.common.power.PowerMonitor#

Bases: pybind11_object

An object to read power measurements from a board.

get_source_node(self: samna.boards.common.power.PowerMonitor) samna.DeviceSourceNode_unifirm_modules_events_measurement#

Get the source node for power measurement events.

single_shot_power_measurement(self: samna.boards.common.power.PowerMonitor) None#

Send a single power request.

start_auto_power_measurement(self: samna.boards.common.power.PowerMonitor, arg0: float) float#

Start auto requesting power in the background. The actual frequency may differ from the specified frequency due to discretization.


frequency (float) – Desired frequency in Hz.


Actual frequency in Hz.

Return type:

frequency (float)

stop_auto_power_measurement(self: samna.boards.common.power.PowerMonitor) None#

Stop auto requesting power.