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class samna.xyloImu.OperationMode#

Bases: pybind11_object





property name#
class samna.xyloImu.XyloModel#

Bases: pybind11_object

Xylo-IMU is a full digital AI chip which consists of

a dedicated IMU data acquisition and conversion block (IMU_IF)

and a Spiking Neural Network (SNN) processing core (Xylo-Core).

If enabled IMU_IF will read external IMU via SPI master interface, convert IMU data to spike and send the spike to Xylo-Core.

Xylo-Core is a highly configurable SNN processing core, which supports both reservoir and feed-forward network.

apply_configuration(self: samna.xyloImu.XyloModel, arg0: samna.xyloImu.configuration.XyloConfiguration) None#

Apply a specific samna.xyloImu.configuration.XyloConfiguration to the board. Note: This method will open memory access automatically.)

close_ram_access(self: samna.xyloImu.XyloModel) None#

Disable memory reading and writing. You are encouraged to call this method to close memory access in order to save power after memory manipulation.

get_configuration(self: samna.xyloImu.XyloModel) samna.xyloImu.configuration.XyloConfiguration#

Get the cached configuration applied last.

get_sink_node(self: samna.xyloImu.XyloModel) samna.DeviceSinkNode_xylo_imu_event_input_event#

Get the very sink node of Xylo-IMU’s input events.

get_source_node(self: samna.xyloImu.XyloModel) samna.DeviceSourceNode_xylo_imu_event_output_event#

Get the very source node of Xylo-IMU’s output events.

open_ram_access(self: samna.xyloImu.XyloModel) None#

Enable memory reading and writing. Xylo-IMU can’t manipulate memory by default, you should call this method to open it before manipulation.

samna.xyloImu.validate_configuration(arg0: samna.xyloImu.configuration.XyloConfiguration) Tuple[bool, str]#

Validate the given configuration.


config (xyloImu.configuration.XyloConfiguration) – The configuration to validate.


A pair of the validation result and the analysis string.

samna.xyloImu.xylo_configuration_to_event(arg0: samna.xyloImu.configuration.XyloConfiguration) List[samna.xyloImu.event.Spike | samna.xyloImu.event.WriteRegisterValue | samna.xyloImu.event.ReadRegisterValue | samna.xyloImu.event.WriteMemoryValue | samna.xyloImu.event.ReadMemoryValue | samna.xyloImu.event.ReadMembranePotential | samna.xyloImu.event.ReadSynapticCurrent | samna.xyloImu.event.ReadHiddenSpikeCount | samna.xyloImu.event.ReadVersion | samna.xyloImu.event.TriggerProcessing | samna.xyloImu.event.TriggerReadout |]#

Get the events for the given Xylo configuration.


config (xyloImu.configuration.XyloConfiguration) – The configuration to turn into events.


A list of events.