Module content#

class samna.xyloImuBoards.MeasurementChannels#

Bases: pybind11_object




property name#
class samna.xyloImuBoards.PowerModule#

Bases: pybind11_object

A handle which offers basic power api.

get_adc_core(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.PowerModule) samna.unifirm.adc.ads1119.Ads1119#
get_adc_io(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.PowerModule) samna.unifirm.adc.ads1119.Ads1119#
set_vdd_core(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.PowerModule, arg0: float) None#

Set Core Power Supply

set_vdd_io(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.PowerModule, arg0: float) None#

Set IO Power Supply

class samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuDefaultConfig#

Bases: DefaultConfigBase

Default configuration for Xylo Imu board. Used as optional argument for
from_json(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuDefaultConfig, arg0: str) None#
property io_voltage#

Voltage of io channel.

property ram_voltage#

Voltage of core channel.

property skip_communication_check#



Do not check the communication to Xylo-IMU. Default

to_json(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuDefaultConfig) str#
class samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard#

Bases: pybind11_object

Composite object that allows access to all the board features of a Xylo-IMU testboard.

enable_manual_input_acceleration(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard, arg0: bool) None#

If enabled, Xylo-IMU uses acceleration data provided by the user, otherwise acceleration data are read from the onboard MC3632 sensor. Default enabled.

This setting only has effect when the IMU input interface is enabled in the configuration.

get_board_serial_number(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) str#

Get the serial number of the board.


The board serial number.

get_dac(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) samna.unifirm.dac.dac7678.Dac7678#
get_firmware_versions(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) samna.boards.common.FirmwareVersions#

Get the Fxtree and Unifirm versions of this board.

get_io_module(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) samna.xyloImuBoards.UnifirmModule#

A handle to the unifirm IO module, Useful in debug scenarios.

get_mc3632(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) samna.unifirm.modules.mc3632.Mc3632#

Get the MC3632 object which is the front end of Xylo-IMU to test acceleration.


An object of Mc3632

get_model(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) samna.xyloImu.XyloModel#

Get the model of Xylo on this board.



get_model_sink_node(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) samna.DeviceSinkNode_xylo_imu_event_input_event#

Convenience function to get the Xylo model sink node directly.

get_model_source_node(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) samna.DeviceSourceNode_xylo_imu_event_output_event#

Convenience function to get the Xylo model source node directly

get_power_module(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) samna.xyloImuBoards.PowerModule#

A handle to an PowerModule object which is used to control power trace voltage and measure power consumption.

get_power_monitor(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) samna.boards.common.power.PowerMonitor#

A handle to an PowerMonitor object which is used to read power.

get_stop_watch(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) samna.unifirm.timestamp.StopWatch#

Get a stopwatch object to control timestamp in events, for debug purpose.


An object of StopWatch

make_unifirm_hook(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard) samna.unifirm.UnifirmHook#

Make a unifirm hook instance appropriately configured to tap into packet traffic.

reset_board_soft(self: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuTestBoard, defaultConfig: samna.xyloImuBoards.XyloImuDefaultConfig | None = None) None#

Reset the FPGA and reset the peripherals.